Saturday, 19 March 2005


Yet another wonderful blog found today, by looking through my referral list. And that reminds me - I recommend any blogger get a referrals/hits tracker, not so much for the ego-boo, but as a metric so you know what's popular with your readers, and what isn't.

But I mainly use it for finding new sites worth visiting. Someone who reads my blog more often than not has similar interests; so quite often they get here from somewhere else that I'd find interesting.

Case in point : Keats' Telescope, a science blog that has a number of fascinating articles at the moment. Martian methane, the intriguing properties of the human X chromosome, Syria and Lebanon (it's not all Science), unexplained resistance to HIV in European populations, When did Life begin on Earth, that sort of thing.

The author also has good judgement : his prediction that this paper will win an IgNobel is spot-on.

And that reminds me : I must reserve some time in August 2005, for that's when the IgNobel tour of Australia commences.

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