Thursday, 28 April 2005

I think they're Underestimating it

From CORDIS News Service :
The European Brain Council (EBC) is recommending a boost in research efforts following the publication of a report stating that 127 million Europeans suffer from brain disorders,
How else to explain George Galloway?

As I wrote to Norm over at Normblog :
I sometimes wonder about how large numbers of voters can support him.

A provincial politician and political hack. Someone who's a millionaire, who's been proven to be at the heart of all sorts of shady oil deals, and a man who insists that deployment of his country's armed forces in Iraq is purely a matter for his own country's voters to decide, and to hell with anyone else, especially the Iraqis.

A man who uses his personal wealth and the full force of the law to crush any opposition to what he says or stands for.

A man who until recently supported the most foul of dictators, and whose words about "Democracy" ring hollow.
All of the faked charges constantly repeated by the Loony Left concerning George Bush have been proven correct about their own current Fuehrer Leader.

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