Saturday, 9 April 2005

"Look What Crawled Out From Under A Rock" Department

The Deustches Kolleg.

Here's a sample of one of the many articles on their site. Firstly, the original German :
Im weltweiten Befreiungskrieg der Voelker gegen das judeo-amerikanische Imperium und alle seine Hilfs-Imperialisten ist dem Deutschen Volke seit langem die Aufgabe zugewachsen, die westlichen Werte und ihre Verwertung aufzuheben, also geistig zu vernichten.
Now in the English translation, which they themselves so helpfully provide :
In the world-wide war of liberation of the nations against the Judeo-American Imperium and all its accomplice-imperialists, it has long been the mission of the German people to abolish, thus intellectually/spiritually to annihilate the Western values and their application.
Or, in other words, we lost WW I, we lost WW II, maybe third time lucky.

But these are fringe loonies, surely. I mean, no organisation whose website has links to materials for establishing a Fourth Reich can be anything other than a small minority, right?

Think again.

From MedienKritik :
The frightening part of this all: The slogans of the Neo-Nazis are strikingly similar to those of the hard left in Germany. The last time the two combined politically in this manner, they overthrew the Weimar Republic and destroyed German democracy. Anyone worried yet?

NPD Stickers: (left) "Peace Instead of US Wars" (center) "Germany for us Germans!" (right) Stop the World Arsonist USA and its German Henchman!"

These are campaign strickers from the NPD - the National "Democratic" Party in Germany, which holds a growing number of seats in local government. At one time, it could be said that infiltrators from the German Government comprised most of the membership, but no longer.

One of this party's luminaries is Uwe Meenan, the co-author of the paper I quoted above. A paper entitled "The Fall of the Judeo-American Empire".

The consistently anti-American rhetoric spoken by members of the German Government is now, years later, bearing it's inevitable fruit. They compared Bush and his methods to Hitler. They'd forgotten, if they ever knew, what a real Nazi looks like.

Here's a hint:

They're Against Israel
They're Against Capitalism
They're Against Globalisation
They're Against the USA

It would be falacious to say that everyone who has these properties is a Nazi. Look upon it though as a kind of "Turing Test" : can you tell them apart from true Nazis?

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