Monday, 18 April 2005

Motors, Morals, South Park and Walking Eagles

The World's Smallest Motor
Although the amount of energy produced is small -- 20 microwatts -- it is quite impressive in relation to the tiny scale of the motor. The whole setup is less than 200 nanometers on a side, or hundreds of times smaller than the width of a human hair. If it could be scaled up to the size of an automobile engine, it would be 100 million times more powerful than a Toyota Camry'’s 225 horsepower V6 engine, the researchers say.
Then you can Build your own South Park Character

The Harvard Moral Sense Quiz :
... is a Web-based study into the nature of moral intuitions.
But be warned, in it Kenny gets killed in a variety of diiferent ways.

Finally, there's an Interview with Ward Churchill, "The worst professor in America" where there's this little gem :
I ask Neconie what his Indian name is. "Just Neconie," he responds. "It's an old Kiowa name. I don't have one like Standing Water, or Leaky Faucet, or anything like that." I ask him what he thinks of Churchill's Indian name, which is "Keezjunnahbeh," meaning "kind-hearted man."

Neconie shrugs. He hadn't heard of it. "But Bay Area Indians, we have our own name for him. We just call him Walking Eagle."

"Why?" I ask.

"Because," says Neconie, gathering up his placards, "a Walking Eagle is so full of s--that it can no longer fly."

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