Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Paper! Getcha Paper!

Academic ones, that is. Computer Science Made Stupid and Incomprehensible.

Here's one.
Recent advances in perfect methodologies and secure communication synchronize in order to achieve the producer-consumer problem. After years of robust research into A* search, we demonstrate the visualization of superblocks. We introduce a novel framework for the study of I/O automata, which we call SumlessGlosser...

Or gather a few co-authors and make one up yourself.

The trouble is, fragments of the stuff that's generated actually say something good, useful, and non-obvious. Other parts have arcane but useful technical terms used wildly out of any sensible context. Anyone who knows the field who looks at one of the generated papers is left with the uncomfortable feeling that it all might make some kind of sense if it was only read once more.

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