Sunday, 17 April 2005

SimTerror05 : the Insider's View

As in Reality, there's a lot more going on in SimTerror05 than meets the eye.

Various cabinet documents and other communications (to be declassified in 2030 or 2080) are sometimes available on the SimTerror05 mailing list, so you can find out the Why as well as the What.

Other diplomatic communications - and messages to and from the Umpire - will be disclosed after the simulation is over.

To see the scene behind the scene, or to publicise your posts in comments or on your blog, join the SimTerror05 mailing list.

What should Prime Minister Brain do? What has he done wrong so far? What has he done right? Here's a chance to have your say, and possibly change the course of (Simulated) history.

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