Saturday, 23 April 2005

ST05 : Country Airstrip Security

Lion Around

Eastern Plains Zoo in country NSW has found a new and imaginative solution to the problem of providing adequate airport security, as required by the new regulations in force since the Auckland Harbour Bridge Attack.

"Trespassers Will Be Eaten" say the signs, and they're not kidding.

The wings of parked aircraft provide a cooling patch of shade for some of the park's many predatory animals, and prides of Lions congregate there on a regular basis.

"It makes pre-flight checks a bit more complicated" said one pilot. "The First item is to check for Lions and get a gamekeeper to shoo any away."

"It does make it a bit less likely we'll get hijacked" he said, "but if they try it, we have other defences too."

The Zoo contains a number of firearms, some of them capable of stopping an elephant - of which there are a number in residence.

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