Monday, 18 April 2005

ST05 : Muslim Community in Uproar

Sydney's Muslim community is in an uproar today.

No, not over the recent bombings, supposedly the responsibility of Al Qaeda.

Over some potato chips.

A confidential report leaked from the NSW Police Headquarters, has revealed that the cartons of chips found in the Pondglo Mosque during a fruitless search for a bomb last week were actually Kosher rather than Halal, and supplied by the Matzoh Tov Kosher Bakery of Homebush, NSW.

The Imam of the Pondglo Mosque, Sheikh Rath El Enrol, has vehemently denied the report, describing it as "Lies, Filthy Lies put out by the Government", but the Mosque leadership has been roundly condemned by many of Sydney's more conservative Muslim groups.

The NSW Police Commissioner has refused to comment, or to confirm the authenticity of the report.

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