Tuesday, 19 April 2005

ST05 : News in Brief

"Brain's Fascist Thuggery" : NSW Independant MP

The Darlinghurst offices of Law firm Haghta, Roo and Ateh were raided today by Australian Federal Police, and a quantity of computer equipment and documentation were taken away. Several arrests were made.

Witnesses state that the raid was apparently carried out after a number of "scruffy looking deadbeats" claiming to be protestors seeking legal assistance entered the offices. These turned out to be plainclothes Federal police, who reportedly prevented the attempted destruction of evidence when the uniformed Federal Police and members of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) arrived a few minutes later.

In a simultaneous move, one of the barristers, Mr S.C.Roo was arrested by the AFP executing an arrest warrant at an undisclosed location.

The Australian Council for Civil Liberties described the covert surveillance techniques that allegedly caught Mr Roo red-handed publishing coded messages from one of his clients on a well-known Jihadi website as a "Dangerous and Disturbing Development which gravely threatens the civil liberties of all Australians". They made no reference to the raid itself.

The NSW Bar Council and NSW Council for Law Reform have as yet made no comment on the raid, but prepared statements are expected to be issued shortly.

NSW Independant MP Daisy Less, member for Bounty, called upon the people of Sydney to take to the streets over "Brain's Fascist Thuggery" which "threatens the very existence of the legal system in this state".

An Opposition spokesman said that "This may be the final straw that tips the balance in tomorrow's Vote of No Confidence."

A spokesman from the PM's department described the Opposition as "having themselves on".

"An Awful lot of Goodwill"

800 members of the UK Parachute Regiment are currently arriving in Darwin on a surprise Goodwill tour, to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of airborne operations in the Far East in the closing days of WW II. Officials have stated that their arrival in Darwin is the result of last-minute changes to the planned itinerary due to the Indonesian State of Emergency.

The Israeli Ambassador was heard to observe that the arrival of 800 fully combat equipped troops as "an awful lot of Goodwill."

New Virus Wreaks Havoc

A new virus has been put on the Highest Alert list of major anti-virus vendors. The new virus, named "Hoaxer-A" takes control of the target computer, turning it into a "zombie". When the infected computer receives a trigger message, it uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to make a number of phonecalls using the synthesised voice payload and telephone numbers specified in the trigger.
Computer users have been warned to download the latest virus signature files from their anti-virus manufacturer to avoid infection.

Legal Outrage has Law Students Take to the Streets

Law students at a number of campusses around the country have staged walkouts from classes as news of the raid on a Sydney Law Firm has broken.

The DNA testing Laboratory complex in the grounds of Sydney University's Veterinary Science Department has reportedly been vandalised, and police are at the scene.

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