Sunday, 24 April 2005

ST05 : Weekend News Roundup

PM : "Sod Off, Swampy"
The Prime Minister endured a withering attack during Parliamentary question time on Friday, with probing questions about his handling of the "War on Terror" from both sides of the house.

The PM struggled in his answers, and finally let go with this intemperate outburst: "I note that many Honourable Members leading the charge, and calling for my Resignation today for not doing enough are the very same people who voted on Wednesday against the Government for doing far too much. This House, and indeed the Australian People, are both entitled to ask of those Honourable Members whether this is about the War, or just Politics? If you don't have constructive criticism that might actually help us fix any inevitable screwups, then Sod Off, Swampy."

The Prime Minister later withdrew the term "Swampy".

Emotional Scenes in Family Court
Families of those killed and maimed in the University Bombing got a chance today to face the parents of the 21-year old female bomber, whose name still hasn't been released.

The meeting, held at the NSW Family Court building, was called at the behest of the Government, after consultation with Islamic Legal Scholars.

"I'll never forgive them, they and their whole [expletive] culture and religion are rotten, rotten to the core, [expletive] evil bastards and I hate them all." said the father of one victim.

"They lost their daughter, we lost our son" said another. "They're just like us, something happened, she went off the rails, I just don't know." said another parent.

"They said 'Sorry'. Well 'Sorry' won't make my George see again" wept one distraught Mother.

Some families did say that their attitude had changed as the result of the meeting.

"I came here hating their guts. I expected to see some bigotted bastard animals spouting some Islamic Bullshit to excuse themselves. But they were just... normal parents. Look, my brother's kid got drunk and killed two people and himself in a car crash last year. That wasn't my brother's fault, he's the salt of the earth, Sometimes kids get in with the wrong crowd. I dunno, I just miss Jeanie and I'll never see her again. They'll never see their daughter again. I just don't know." said one.

"I'm no bleeding-heart Lefty" said another, "But they really are victims of this thing here. This whole Al Qaeda Death-worship thing... Not victims like us, but victims all the same. This is all such a [expletive] waste..."

One woman was heard to say to her husband "God Help Me, I forgive them. It could have happened to us. Remember when (she) ran off and joined that weirdo cult for six months? It could have happened to anyone. Why?"

"My daughter, the light of my life, has been condemned to the fires of Hell for Eternity" said the father of the suicide bomber. "May Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful, let me drink the blood of those who sent her there."

NSW Police Conduct Dawn Raids
A number of houses were raided by Tactical Response Units this morning. Police spokesmen refused to comment about whether they were in connection with the "War on Terror".
"We still have to deal with Ordinary Crims", he said, "Bank Robbers, Drug Dealers. Life goes on."

Sydney Lunchtime Traffic Chaos
An abandoned car caused an area outside Hyde Park to be closed to traffic today. Police suspecting it might be a car bomb, closed a large part of the CBD to traffic for four hours, while an army bomb disposal robot examined it.

No explosives were found.

Siege Drama in Jandaloop
A street in the Perth suburb of Jandaloop has been cordoned off by police. Shots have been fired, and both negotiation and armed response teams have been dispatched.
Neighbours evacuated from the area say that a man whose wife left him recently may be holed up there.

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