Monday, 16 May 2005

Maybe I'm Doing Something Right

My e-mail box is getting saturated by bounced e-mails containing Neo-Nazi tripe, that some spammer is sending out in my name.

Now it could just be I'm an innocent victim of a mailing-list harvester. After all, the type of person who would condone Auschwitz isn't likely to cavill at being a spammer too. They're on an upper level of Hell after all. But I fondly hope that I've pissed off someone of that peculiar viewpoint enough so that they're attempting to make trouble for me.

If so, I must be doing something right. Moreover, from the pattern of the bounces, I know just exactly how their spambot is misconfigured. Knowing that I could have easily fixed it for them so their filth gets through, but never would in million years, gives me a warm inner glow of pleasure. The fact that I'm getting the bounces, so they can't know exactly what the problem is, is a double bonus. Life's little everyday joys.

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