Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Medical Puzzlements

I got the chromosome analysis results back today, and they were absolutely astonishing.

Perfectly normal 46,xy.

Which means that the last possible medical explanation for my condition that anyone has been able to find in the literature is now exploded.

There's the possibility of a malignant hormone-secreting tumour, but if so, the primary site is currently inactive or has been zapped by my immune system, all the glands have been checked. And that still wouldn't explain more than 10% of the weirdness, by body had lots of the wrong hormone, but not *that* much. The changes that happened in 2 weeks were about what you'd expect after 3-6 months with 10 times as much. Then there's the Cholesterol level.... and various skeletal and other abnormalities I've had since childhood.

Well, it's always nice to be the first at something, "to boldly go" etc etc, but what it means to me is tests, tests, and more expensive tests, more travel to see specialists (possibly some overseas), and with no guarantee that they will find out anything before the autopsy (which, I hope, will be a long time in the future). And no treatment till they find out what's wrong.

Quelle Bummer.

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