Thursday, 2 June 2005

Music Meme

In response to the Currency Lad's Music Meme Challenge, here's what I'm listening to.

1. The total volume of music on my pc:
About 200 Mb, free samples and tracks from CDs I own.

2. Songs playing right now:
"Stay With Me" by Shakespeare's Sister

3. Last album I bought:
"A Shoggoth on the Roof" (Sound track of the theatre production)

4. Five songs I've been listening to a lot:

"Hazy Shade of Winter", the Bangles cover version is even better than the original Simon & Garfunkel one. Just right for Canberra in June.

"The Night Santa Went Crazy", by Weird Al Jankovic. As you do. Just in case I start taking life too seriously.

"I am a Rock", the original Simon & Garfunkel version, to help me uncover painful memories long buried, but which I now need to retrieve to provide clues to long forgotten medical problems of relevance today. At one time in my life, it was my theme tune, and I derived great comfort from it. I wish I could go back in time, and tell the me that was that I was actually going to live happily ever after, after all. Miracles sometimes happen, and of three impossible dreams I had, one has come true, one came true enough, and the most improbable of all may yet be coming true.

Maybe it's because of the hormonal mood swings I'm having that I'm reminded of puberty. And what I had was a helluva lot worse than the usual Teenage Angst.... brrrr. (Time to start counting my lucky stars once more).

"Wouldn't it be Nice", by the Beach Boys. As an antidote to the heartwrenching loneliness of the previous song, this was my theme song after meeting my wife-to-be. Though for the first few weeks of that period, I thought with good reason that I only had a short time to live, and it was wistful, rather than expectant. But I got better. So did my life.

"Heaven Can Wait", by Meatloaf. That's my theme song now, and has been since the day we got married, almost 25 years ago.

And as a bonus:

"Rocket Man", not the Elton John version, nor the Kate Bush one, but a trance version by a female vocalist who I haven't been able to trace.

When I hear it, I automatically substitute a few changes:
"And all the Science, yes I understand
Not just a job, five days a week..."
And yet I am reminded of that kid back in 1972, rocking back and forth in his bedroom and whispering "And an Island never cries" with tears silently streaming down her face. (No, not a misprint, try googling "Intersex" : 1.5% of the population, by some estimates)

Puberty Sucks for everyone, but for some it's worse than others. I have got good medical reasons to believe that mine was probably worse than most. 98.5% in fact. The Chromosome test results are still pending, but a number of ultrasound exams of my pelvic region in the next few days should show the extent of the problem. Like the psychic wounds, probably just scar tissue by now, but you never know.

Now for 3 others to pass the meme along to:

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