Saturday, 11 June 2005

Now *this* is funny

I'll quote this verbatim. First, the Intro:
I'm a geeky girl and my social circle is geeky boys and girls, as a result the 'being cute' kind of flirting dosn't work with these boys. THEY'RE NERDS. Of course the stereo type of 'Oh my god! Girls! What do we do?" "Somebody role for initiative!" isn't true, they arn't likely to initiate contact with a girl. They arn't likely to just walk up and say 'Hey.' They'll at best, use any excuse to be at the same event as the girl they're interested and become her friend but not beyond that, untill he can get a clear and definate signal from her as to weather or not she's interested in him. Basicly, most of the guys in my peer group are quite afraid of rejection. So I just ask them out but I make it look like it's their idea. :D

So I act all inniocent and ask him to guide me to the down town comic shop, wound up spending about four hours with him that afternoon and a date with him to the new war musuem next week. (He thought it was cute when I got my arm stuck in a 105mm tank gun.)
Now for the bit that's hilarious.
It's worked fine in other instances. I once literally walked up to a boy and said "I'm a moderatly attractive geeky female and you're a 21 year old beta male who would be happy as a clam to have anything with breasts that's of legal age talk to you. Want to go to the commons and get something to eat?" He said YES. Granted, the way I said it was half-way a joke in itself... Even if it was a realistic analysis of the situation.
Any Unattached Geek Beta Male who didn't fall for that one, coming from a bright-eyed, moderately attractive and definitely fun Geek Girl has to be Gay. And even Gay Geeks would probably fall for it.

Oh yes, the bittersweet punch line :
Just gotta stop them from dumping me after I tell them I'm trans. :/
Of course, to a true Geek, that would make her even more interesting... and besides which, if she's fun, vivacious, and moderately attractive, why should that make any difference?

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