Saturday, 6 August 2005

Judenhass Spammers

From the "look what crawled out from under a Rock" Department:

The Straight Gate Ministry.

From the Spam that slithered into my "Toxic Waste" folder :
In 1908 British central bankers financed a new Book named The Scofield Reference Bible for sale in America. A generation later it had become the theological underpinning for a new religion-a neo-Christianity that soon flooded the seminaries and bible bookstores with its interpretation. Today, LEFT BEHIND sells side-by-side with HARRY POTTER, and SCOFIELD'S HERESY HAS BECOME THE PRIMARY JUSTIFICATION AMONG CHURCH GOING AMERICANS FOR PERPETUAL WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

Those who bankrolled the Book in the early years of the 20th Century provided what appeared to be limitless financing and technical support, as would be expected when the prize is the conquest of the world's greatest and most "Christian" superpower. This neo-Christianity coincided with the rise of the World Zionist movement in Europe. The two movements had common participants, common financiers, and seemingly common objectives. THE NEW RELIGION WAS FUNDED TO INSURE THAT AMERICA'S ORGANIZED CHURCHES WOULD NOT SERIOUSLY INTERFERE WITH THE AIMS OF THE WORLD ZIONIST MOVEMENT.

Scofieldism was also a British import, first seen in America in the last half of the 19th Century.....
The Empire has achieved its goal of controlling America with unending serial wars, a central bank, called The Federal Reserve, which created the illusion of paying for each war, while in fact, diluting the dollar.....
Etc Etc Etc. The usual conspiracy of Powerful Vested Interests, this time an alliance of Joos and the British Empire, aimed at World Domination and the pollution of the purity of our bodily fluids, simply because they're Evil, Evil, Evil.

And from their website :
Pat Tillman is a War Hero
By Charles E. Carlson (May 28,2005)
Tillman died because he was fooled by the very military he sought to serve. If any good can come of Tillman's death or that of Rachael Corrie, who was crushed under a Caterpillar dozer probably given to Israel by our government, that good can only be if the truth comes out about them, causing millions to think....
Co-opting both genuine heroes and pre-fab ones like Our Lady Of Flagburning, Saint Rachel Currie. Yes, there really is no depth to which these people won't sink, HY120 at least (sorry, a bubblehead in-joke).

So around the circle we go. On one end, Grassroots Far Leftists like Norman Geras, and Right Wing Death Beast Neocons like myself, who think that Genocidal Dictators are a Bad Idea. Directly opposite, Conspuracy-theorist Paeleocons and the Loony Left, represented by the likes of millionaires such as Michael Moore, George Galloway, and George Soros.

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