Sunday, 25 September 2005

Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Or perhaps poking fun at the "Intellectually challenged".

That was the feeling the Evil Pundit and I had when discussing Margot's webdiary over coffee, when he dropped by today at my invitation on his way back to Sydney.

It was inspired by this fabulous, fantastic post on Margot's Webdiary, and as remarked on by Tim Blair.

This piece of self-aggrandising pompous puffery was so egregiously conceited, it cried out to be commented on. So we, and many others did, confident that the air of self-congratulatory smugness amongst the comment "editors" there (for all comments have to be passed for Political Correctness) would be impervious to the most outrageous hyperbole.

We were right.

As proven Here
Margo that is easily the best post on Webdiary ever. I really mean that.

And here.
I can say without fear of contradiction that Margo's singlehanded pioneering of the 'peerless newspaper' is up there with Al Gore's invention of the Internet.

And here by Hugh Mann
This article is a work of genius that will stand as the quintessence of 21st Century journalism for generations to come.

Bravo, Margo!

And here
I'm sure Jack is right. Webdiary has become the journalistic equivalent of Mecca. Margo you have built and they will come to pay homage to you the messiah of political news and views for the masses.

Only thing left to do is discover the fountain of youth so that you and Webdiary may survive all millennia.

...and probably a few more instances by now.

And they swallow it. Uncritically. They are so far up themselves, they don't know whether to use a toothbrush or loo paper.

But even we found it vaguely shaming, that these people should be so unbelievably convinced of their own righteousness, that the possibility of sarcasm never crossed their mind. Too easy a target for Lampooning by far.

That Ace Parodist and butcher-of-sacred-cows par excellence, Iowahawk, made his own inimitable contribution, below :

Margot's Palmistry

But frankly, they do a far better job of Lampooning themselves than any outsider could hope to. Sad, really.


David Heidelberg said...

I couldn't help noticing that none of the comments that you link to exist.

Zoe Brain said...

Too True.

But in their efforts to airbrush history, even Margot's MiniTrue team show their incompetence.

This comment still exists, which refers to some of the ones listed above, that have since been vapourised.

Falsification of the record should be left to experts like the late unlamented KGB and not bumbling and amateurish incompetents.

As for Webdiary's Ethics, they think it's the country nextht to Thuthex.

4. I will not belittle or show disrespect for any reader's contributions I publish, or to any person who emails me.

5. I will do my utmost to ensure that Webdiary is a space to which all readers, whatever their views or style, feel safe to contribute. If you are offended by something in Webdiary, feel free to respond. I won't publish any material which incites hatred.

6. I will let you know when archives have been changed except when changes do not alter their substance, for example corrections to spelling or grammar. I will amend archived Webdiary entries to include corrections of fact and advise you accordingly.

7. I won't publish all publishable emails, but I will read every one unless there's too many to reasonably do so in the time available. If I haven't been able to read all emails, I'll let you know on Webdiary.

8. My decisions on publication will be made in good faith, without bias towards those I agree with or am sympathetic towards.

9. I reserve the right to edit contributions.

10. I will publish most contributions made in good faith which are critical of Webdiary's content or direction, or of me.

Sure Margot, Sure. We believe you. Eastasia has always been at war with Eurasia.

Zoe Brain said...

Oh, better be quick David, some of Margot's Minions have been known to read even this blog now and then.
So go view the giveaway comment swiftly, it may be gone soon.