Thursday, 6 October 2005

Croc 0, Aussie Kids 1

From the Australian :
A Teenage boy punched a 3m crocodile while his father wrestled his 10-year-old sister from its jaws in Western Australia's remote Kimberley region, a family spokeswoman said today.

Chantal Burnup was swimming in the Sale River with her father Richard and brother Simon, 14, about 1pm (3pm (AEST) yesterday when a crocodile grabbed her by the torso and began pulling her underwater.

She suffered bruises, puncture wounds and lacerations in the attack but was today considered to be in a satisfactory condition.
"When the crocodile hit, Simon's first instinct was to get up and out of the water and his dad grabbed hold of the crocodile and yelled for Simon to come and help," Ms Bussell said from their home in West Busselton, 230km south of Perth.

"He did, and I can't believe he did it because he's not a big 14-year-old.

"He swims well and he is quite fit and ... he wouldn't have hesitated to do something like that for his sister.

"Gabby said last night when she spoke to him that he had punched it."
Chantal suffered bruises, puncture wounds and lacerations in the attack, and after a helicopter was diverted to pick her and Simon up, she was treated by a doctor at Mt Hart Wilderness Lodge.

She was airlifted today to Derby hospital, 2400km north of Perth, where a spokeswoman said she was in satisfactory condition, with her mother by her side.

Ms Bussell said Chantal was in shock last night but was "bossing Simon around so she seemed to be getting back to her old self".

Onya, Simon. You've upheld the finest tradition of big brothers. And Chantal, make sure it doesn't go to his head. The reputation of little sisters everywhere depends on it.

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