Sunday, 30 October 2005

I Own Part of the M6

Seen over at Tim Blair's, an article in the UK Telegraph :
Which country will have no government debt within a year, contributed the most to help those in need after the tsunami, and was described by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development as a "model for other countries", America or Australia? You've guessed it. Australia. For so long simply seen as an adventure playground for gap year students or a breeding ground for sportsmen, Australia has now graduated into the world of big players.

Proof? Well, I won't rely on the fact that Australian troops are in Iraq and Afghanistan. I won't brag about our free trade agreements with the US, New Zealand, Thailand and Singapore. Nor even our progress on negotiating a free trade agreement with China - already a market for many Australian products.

Instead, look to business not just government. I cite as an example Macquarie, a bank that owns chunks of Britain's water industry, telecoms, gas, not to mention the M6 toll road, a ferry company, an airport or two - oh, and is reported to have its eyes on the London Stock Exchange.
As a shareholder in Macquarie Bank, I think I'll take.... this bit. Through Lancashire.

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