Friday, 28 October 2005

Right Wing Death Bitch

That's how I describe myself these days, though yesterday, Morgan didn't seem to think I really qualified. As Right-Wing I mean.

Maybe this might change his mind.

I know I'm right-wing, but the National Party as the party that "has the policy outlook that is most aligned with your views."? That's scary. I'm not *that* right-wing.

On the other hand, my results also said:
Because your highest score is less than 66.6%, it suggests you have significant areas of disagreement with each of the parties.

Identifying the party that best aligns with your views is not an exact science. You have more than one party within an error margin of 10 percentage points of the highest score. The higher scored parties are highlighted above. Any of these parties may be an acceptable alternative. Your political preferences may swing between these higher scored parties.

Note: People choose to vote for a political party for many reasons, not just because their ideas and ideals align with those of their chosen party. In addition to a party’s philosophical position, many voters are also interested in the experience of the candidates, and the party’s leadership style and management capability. This tool did not test such factors.

If the Democrats were less influenced by the Pro-Fascist Anti-War brigade and Moonbats generally... if the Liberals got back to being Liberal in the 19th century sense of the word... if the Nationals had an ounce of compassion in addition to just wanting everyone to be wealthy.. yes, I can see me supporting any of them. I call myself a Liberal, and usually vote that way. But in Australia, bathwater drains clockwise, and the Liberals are right-of-centre.

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