Sunday, 16 October 2005

Shopping with Wittgenstein

Todays's interesting URL is from the UK Telegraph :
1.17 Which is the right chocolate spread and which is the wrong chocolate spread?

1.18 In the world constituted as it is, there is no right chocolate spread or wrong chocolate spread. In a manner of speaking, all chocolate spreads are the same.

1.19 Try telling that to the children when you arrive back with the wrong one.
2.1 But another choice now confronts you. At the check-out area, there are nine ordinary queues (9q), and one for six-items-or-less (6i]q). (6i]q) is three times (3X) as long as each of (9q), but the number of items in the (9q) trolleys (NiT) may be infinite (~). A swift calculation is necessary in order to determine the relative time to be spent in each queue.
3.1 The logic of the car park is transcendental. The place the car is parked exists beyond memory. It is always possible to forget where the car is parked, as it looks like just like other cars.
More on Wittgenstein and the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus over at Wikipedia.

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