Saturday, 24 December 2005

Just a small fire, really

I thought I'd turned the stove off. But the oil flashed when I was in the bathroom, and the fire brigade has just left.

I got it out - wet towel over the burning plastic dripping from the ceiling fan, dodge burning debris from the extractor hood (now well alight) cover the pan itself with a metal cover (couldn't move it, the handle was on fire), go outside, turn off electricity, go next door (phone not working) and get them to call 000 (US 911, UK 999 equivalent in Oz), go back, check and extinguish spot fires, leave burning exposed wires in fan alone, keep head low to avoid toxic fumes, leave danger area, wait perhaps 3 minutes and flag down firetruck, gasp out "Kitchen Oil Fire"...

THEN when they gave the signal it had been extinguished on arrival, collapse in a sobbing heap.

Let's see, 21:51 now, that was what, 3 hours ago.

Just phoned up the insurance company.

Merry Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

bad news about the fire.

Look on the good side, I made lots of money in my last fire. I had to move out for 3 months, got paid market rates (175 a week), but paid mom and dad 100 a week. Plus with no food bill, I went home a richer man.