Friday, 27 January 2006

Today Israel, Tomorrow Spain and Vienna

I see that Hamas has won the Palestinian Elections. Genuine Moonbats, Nazis in all but name. Actually, I take that back :
Among the more contentious candidates in Gaza was the Mother of Martyrs, who sent three of her sons to be suicide bombers. Mariam Farhat's campaign video includes footage of her helping her son, Mohammed, 17, to prepare his bomb belt and advising him on techniques that killed five Israelis. In the West Bank, a candidate appeared on the ballot as Hitler, a nickname he picked up because of his virulent hatred of Jews.

If you think I'm exaggerating, or being guilty of fanatic partisanship, just read what Hamas has to say about themselves.

There's a good article, larded with quotes from the "Hamas Charter", over at The Command Post, by a guy who's no longer with us.

I'll give you the gist of it. Again, I must emphasise, this is not what their enemies say about them, what they say about themselves.

  • Islam is the Master Religion, it is the duty of all other religions to peacefully submit to co-existence under the benevolent rule of Islam
  • Spain, Most of France, Israel, Europe east of Vienna, and India should be under Sharia Law
  • Until this is achieved, in full and in every particular, there can be no Peace
  • And any violence (as well as the French and Russian Revolutions, WW I and WW II) is all the fault of the Zionists, and their puppets, the Freemason, Rotarians, Lions Club, and 800-year-old Crusader Conspiracy against Islam
By this act, as well as many others, the Palestinians as a people have forfeited any right to existence as a nation state. They have stated that there can be no peace : very well, it's war then, until they are extinct as a political and sociological entity. Palestinians will still survive, as Germans did in 1945. But just as the Germans were de-Nazified by force, so will the Palestinians have to be thoroughly de-Hamassed. Hopefully not many innocents have to die before this happens, but I fear my hope is forelorn.

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