Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Iranian Wonder Weapons

From IRIB News :
Tehran, April 4 - Islamic Republic of Iran Tuesday test-launched a flyer boat in the Persian Gulf waters.

The futuristic boat was tested during an ongoing massive wargame which Iran has launched in the Persian Gulf waters since Friday.

The military boat was designed by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps which along with Iran's Army Naval forces and Basij organization forces are holding the marine wargame.

The high-speed boat which has a rare maneuvering power is capable of missions everywhere in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, the scope of the massive wargame.

The radar-evading flyer has such a design that it capably embarks on different missile firing with a highly accurate aiming, even on move.

The domestically-built boat possessed by few countries has been made by experts of Iran's Ministry of Defence.

Here is the Fox News Picture of the spectacular new weapon.

Coincidentally, here is a Russian 2-seater Ekranaplan, the ESKA-1, powered by a M63 motorcycle engine. Vintage 1973.


Anonymous said...


The Iranians just invented the sea plane. What will the think of next>

Anonymous said...

Vacationing at Fantasy Island, that's what. :)

Pixy Misa said...

Not even a sea plane - it probably has a maximum altitude of fifty feet.