Sunday, 30 April 2006

Lunch For Three Bloggers

Mixed DipsI had the pleasure of the company of Morgan and his partner Andrew today. Just a spot of late Lunch at TurkOz, but really nice conversation, mixing with Friends.

Morgan and I first met at a Bus Stop at Central railway back in October. A charming guy, and I'm so glad that the two of them are such a wonderful match for each other.

Well, I always was a hopeless romantic. Despite my mild but ugly prejudice, which, I'm thankful to say, appears to be getting cured.

Finding out that you've been a Lesbian all your life tends to do that. If not, then having your sexual orientation start "straightening out" certainly will.

And besides which, it never interfered with the way I treated people, or recognising true love when I saw it. And now I can say that, not merely think it.

Turkish Pizza
As for the food - well, just two of the courses we had are pictured here. Add Lashings of Turkish bread, baked on the premises and served straight from the oven, various vegetarian delicacies, then some stuffed olive leaves and Zucchini Balls, some shish-kabob and bifteki for the omnivorous Zoe, the best rice and spiced salad I've ever tasted, a glass of wine or Perrier as appropriate, and all for just $75 between the three of us.

Yes, the place deserves to be packed in the evenings, and it usually is. But it was only half full on a Sunday Lunchtime. Canberra is mainly empty then, everyone departs on the weekend.

It's nice to be able to act as "native guide" to some of Canberra's best-kept secrets. And although I'll never be a social butterfly, for that never was my style, I am going out far more than I was. I no longer feel like a caterpiller.

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