Monday, 10 April 2006

More Transition Fun

Today, I put in my application for a UK Passport. It had taken me some time to get all the ducks lined up in a row, but I did, and the application took less time than for most other, less complex cases. I'd done the research, found out what documents were needed, even phoned a senior consular official beforehand to make sure things went smoothly, and they did. I should have an 'F' type machine-readable passport in about 2 weeks. That's when they start introducing the Biometric ones, and that's a problem when your body is in the process of changing.

I had no problems, until I went to the cashier. She did a quick routine check of the documents, then something caught her eye. The name Change Certificate was from Alan to Zoe, and the sex was male. I saw her look at this, her eyes widened, she took a quick glance at me, then while still wide-eyed in disbelief and probably shock, entered the data for my receipt.

It's little things like that that not only do wonders for my confidence, they provide me with much harmless amusement.

Oh well, tomorrow I'll post on the Chinese Space Programme, as some intersting developments have happened in recent weeks.

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