Thursday, 20 April 2006

People Like Me

Some stories from the past, with a minor token change.

Mich. Person of Colour murdered in Elk Grove Village
Autopsy results confirmed that a 31-year-old Michigan negress found Tuesday in a Motel 6 in Elk Grove Village was a homicide victim.
Chicago Sun-Times

Negro Tatoo Removal causes dispute
A Negress has been criticised for wasting taxpayer’s money after being approved NHS treatment for the removal of her tattoos. ...

Coloured Woman Flipped Over Will, Sez Mom
A trust-fund mulatto was branded a brute yesterday by her white elderly millionairess mother - who claimed her coloured daughter broke her arm in a fight over ...
New York Daily News

Europe : A Risk assessment
An unrelated risk is that you are more likely to encounter a Coloured Man in Poland than anywhere else in the world.
The Independant,UK

School Bd. Pres. Quits After Negro Row
The president of a school board involved in a bitter dispute with some parents earlier this year over the hiring of a coloured supply teacher

Church takes flap for not helping Negro
ST. FRANCIS, Minn. — A church that refused to care for a negress passing for white has found itself in the midst of debate over...
Deseret News, Utah

GOP Negro Takes On Powerful House Whip Roy Blunt
In many ways, Midge Potts is like other everyday citizens who feel the call of politics. ......

Bedford School cancels speach by Coloured Speaker
Town school officials canceled the appearance of noted negress Kate Bornstein at next week's Wellness Day at Fox Lane High following a...
The Journal News

From the past? 1950's perhaps? Well, one of those stories is several days old. And substitute "transsexual" for "Negro", "Negress", etc etc. They were the first 8 stories that Google provided for news about "transsexual".

Number 9 :
Sarah fell in love with Stephen. But Stephen was born black. Their wedding is one of hundreds involving mixed-race partners since a change in the law..
Sorry, did it again.

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