Tuesday, 16 May 2006


I'm disappointed with Free Republic.

Why? See my previous post. Try following the link.

Not only have I been prevented from correcting some misinformation on other posts, every post I've every made has now been removed.

I had nothing but politeness from those who disagreed with me there. As the site is privately owned and run, the owner has every right to censor anything he doesn't want on there. It's even arguable that my posts had "objectionable content", though in view of some of the other posts on the subject, it would be hard to argue that they were less so.

But the post on the Euston Manifesto, that's gone too, and that could not possibly have been objectionable.

I'm disappointed. I thought the site was better than its opposite, Democratic Underground. There I was banned for being a Liberal (in the Australian sense): and from FreeRepublic for being Transsexual.

Oh well, live and learn. The people who replied to me, and those who sent me messages of support certainly will.

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