Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Hormonal Weirdness Part... I've lost count

Latest Blood Test results : while taking 8mg of Oestrodiol Valerate, 4 times the previous level, and pretty much guaranteed to give a blood oestrodiol level of 650-1250 pMol/L.....

It was 179.

To quote a Well Known Ballad :

She performed this trick in a way so slick
As to set in complete defiance
The principal cause and basic laws
That govern sexual science.

She calmly rode through the phallic code
Which for years had withstood the test,
And the ancient rules of the classic schools
In a moment or two, went west.
When I saw the test results, I burst out laughing. My metabolism continues to do what it darned well pleases, regardless of what the medical textbooks say.

I know that in Medicine, as in Software Engineering, what you don't know can not just hurt you but bite you on a sensitive part of the anatomy, but I'm more entertained by this than anything else. There's so much we don't know, you see.

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