Thursday, 25 May 2006

Surgical Care

It's still 6 months from my scheduled op, but I've done rather a lot of research on the topic of which surgeon to go to. Some of the things I've heard about some surgeons have been incredible, but there's been too much corroborative evidence not to believe them.

Case in point:

I had surgery with Dr S, and upon arrival back to the UK, I somehow managed to become infected. Russel Reid suggested that I go and see Dalrymple to get it sorted out, as it might have needed to be lanced. As soon as he caught sight of the fact that Dr S managed to construct a clitoris.....he suggested removal "why would a young woman want one?".

Dr Dalrymple was taken off my list of candidate surgeons very early on, long before I received this data. He has a record of less than stellar results.

For those of morbid curiousity, I'm going to be treated by Dr Suporn (the "Dr S" in the above). It was either him or Dr Sanguan, who also has an enviable reputation here in Australia. But although Sanguan's technique has a faster healing time with much less stringent post-operative maintenance in the first 6 months, Suporn's technique is more appropriate for my anatomy.

You only get one chance at this, and as with all major surgery, a good outcome can never be guaranteed. But for some surgeons, a bad one can. So take care, and choose your surgeon well, no matter what operation you're going to have.

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