Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Tag! You're It!

From Normblog

I am a particularly Weird Geek Girl
I want to appear normal - within limits.
I wish I had more children.
I hate hating, even when it's justifiable.
I love cuddling with my son.
I miss never being able to be a mother.
I fear that I'm hurting those I care for.
I hear sulphur-crested cockatoos playing in the morning.
I wonder what the heck the cause of my change is.
I regret not having been as kind as I should have been.
I am not a saint.
I dance poorly, still getting used to the new way my body moves.
I sing for my son when he's going to sleep.
I cry because I can now. The Freedom to do this is wonderful
I am not always obsessed with transition.
I make with my hands model railway scenery.
I write this blog.
I confuse a lot of people.
I need to help those who weren't so lucky, injustice and unfairness offends me
I should be getting on with my PhD work and not goofing off like this.
I start things by preparing good foundations first.
I finish things at the last moment too often.
I tag you, the reader of this.


Anonymous said...

Zoe about Geek Girls YOU FOR SURE ARE NOT ALOWN in fact we make better geeks because we girls read the books first

Good luck for the future to you and yours

Zoe Brain said...

Thanks Lindsay.

Yes, "as a last resort, the manual will be read".

Well, I always was able to harness my intuition as well as logical abilities. That makes sense now. I'm a little more sensitive to interpersonal relationships within teams, and stakeholders in projects, but then again, I always was that way inclined.

Others could out-Nerd me, no Alpha Geek I, none of that macho competitive cowboy hacker stuff for me. Just simple elegant solutions to complex and messy problems. Well, that was my aim.

Now if you want a Geek Girl who can outdo me on matters technical, just see my Niece. She's been an inspiration to me.