Saturday, 24 June 2006

Canons to the Right of Them

Pachelbel's Canon, one of my favourite pieces of music.

Here's Two similar versions, both orchestrated for guitar.

Both of them recorded by a young guy in a brimmed cap, in a bedroom, rather than a recording studio, and made available for anyone in the world with Internet access to view, and listen to.

The Internet may or may not be responsible for an explosive outburst of human creativity, but it's certainly given both the Talented and the Talentless a wordlwide audience.

Both of these versions qualify as the former.

Hat Tip : Random Acts of Reality

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Anonymous said...

The first video is FunTwo playing a COVER (I'm trying to make a point here) of JerryC's Canon Rock video. JerryC arranged and played Canon Rock, and posted a video of it to Sometime later Funtwo (who is a member of posted a copy video, and this was uploaded to YouTube where it went on to get 8 million hits. JerryC is the talent behind Canon Rock, and Funtwo gets all the credit because people don't know the full story. JerryC's version is the original, and superior. Funtwo, doesn't even have the best cover video out there, although it's pretty damn good (for a copy).

The Original JerryC video =

JerryC's Offical Website =