Friday, 23 June 2006

An Education

Being in the situation I'm in has been most mind-expanding.

Even the research I've done regarding which surgeon to go to has had some unusual and unexpected results. I really do feel that I'm Alice, fallen down the Rabbit Hole into another world, one that I never knew existed.

Facial Feminisation Surgery (FFS), Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS), Augmentation Mammoplasty (AM), Facial hair removal that alone can cost upwards of $40,000... all at a time when ones life is usually falling apart at the seams, financially and otherwise, that can cause people to do some very unconventional things to raise money.

The horrendous medical expenses, the usual divorce and loss of assets, and the fact that medical insurance almost always excludes anything to do with sex reassignment all have some interesting consequences. As does the fact that TS people tend to see some things in a different light and often have little respect left for the conventional concept of personal dignity.

Here's a sample of what I mean,
Three years ago I used to be a serious, rather introverted, 48 year old regional manager in an oh-so-very-conservative Swiss market research company, wearing a nice charcoal grey suit and subdued tie, visiting clients around Europe and the Middle East.

Now, I'm a somewhat less serious and totally extrovert, business woman working in exactly the same job in exactly the same company.
The only problem: a rather heavy debt after two ffs in 2003 and srs, am and a second divorce in 2004.

I therefore took up an additional, part time, job as a stripper in the town near where I live in France. I have to dance 20 minute sessions in a peep show, several times an evening, in a brightly lit small room surrounded by two way mirrors behind which are the clients. A striptease can only last so long therefore I have to use sex toys and it all gets fairly explicit and pornographic.

I diligently and professionally spread what Dr. Suporn so kindly gave me and grind my Chonburi organ against the mirror and writhe to the music in different poses. I am not advertised as a transsexual stripper in any way and the clients come to see a normal woman. My boss, who knows the score, tells me that not one single person has
complained or noticed anything untoward. Some even pay for two consecutive sessions.

This is living proof that what Dr. Suporn achieves will satisfy anyone, including spectators who spend 20 minutes getting an eyefull at close quarters...... Vive la France !
Ooh La La! Me, I think I'll just stick to my day job. Seriously.

As I've said though in the past, this has been most Educational. I fear though that I've still got a lot to learn.

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