Wednesday, 12 July 2006

The Best Argument Against Space Travel

It's over at The Space Review. And I do mean "it's over".
It would be difficult to argue that diverse and complex life, including humans, on a planet that is either sterile or inhabited by microbes would be a bad thing.

But the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement has a go anyway.

At least they're honest.

So many of the Religious Green Movement and Animal Liberationists appear to operate from a basis of self-loathing for humanity, rather than out of concern for the Environment or other living creatures. Many are not so much Pro-Environment or Pro-Animal as Anti-Human.

Meanwhile I would gladly see the extinction of the particular strain of virus that is making me feel awful, bitter and bitchy. My own immune system is doing it's bit towards that end anyway. Looking at it that way makes me feel better.

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