Wednesday, 19 July 2006


The pictorial version.


Anonymous said...

Dont get under the influence of Jewish propaganda. Murderers of civilians and inslavers of the whole nations should not pass unpunished.

Zoe Brain said...

I agree that murderers of civilians should not go unpunished.

Remember 9/11?

I do.

As for "enslavers of entire nations", I certainly don't blame Muslims for what other Muslims did centuries ago. The massacre of Bosnian Muslims for example was wholly unjustified, no matter how many nations had fallen to Islamic slavery in centuries past.

I hold no grudge against the Ottoman Turks for the Jannisaries, because the Ottoman Empire ceased to exist nearly a century ago. I do hold an animus against those who would deny the Shoa, or the Armenian Genocide, or the massacres happening now in Dafur for that matter. What the particular religion of such people happens to be is irrelevant.

People who post such comments as yours while remaining anonymous have a perfect right to do so, one I respect. And I have a right to call such behaviour cowardly, dishonorable, base and vile. Which I do.