Monday, 3 July 2006

Passport Issues

I can't say too much, things are still in progress. But I applied for an Australian passport over 4 weeks ago, along with all the Identification data required on their website and on their forms. In fact, I gave them more.

But it seems they have a teeny problem with it. The change of gender. It seems, and I must emphasise the word seems that they are unable to issue a passport with a different gender from one issued previously unless I provide evidence of having had surgery.

It also seems (and again I must emphasise that it's at an early stage) that they can't possible issue a passport with the old gender on, as, well, Medicare Australia can confirm that I'm not male, I'm female now. And I have a UK passport saying my gender is Female.

We'll see, but although I can legally exit the country any time I like, I can't get back in. Australian citizens have to travel back here using Australian Passports, they can't get visas for re-entry using foreign passports.

It's a worry. I need to do some international travel to attend conferences for my PhD. There's also a date in Thailand in November that I'm not going to miss, no matter what.

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