Sunday, 20 August 2006

Problem Solved.

Continuing from a previous post, the latest news from The Independent :
A transsexual business executive claiming damages of £500,000 for discrimination at work has been ordered to leave the country by the Home Office.

Jessica Bussert, 41, has been told her work permit is no longer valid and she must return to the United States this week.

The senior IT consultant has claimed damages from Hitachi Data Systems at an employment tribunal for discrimination in what could prove a test case for transsexuals everywhere. But after she filed a claim for constructive dismissal she received a letter from the Home Office saying her work permit was no longer valid and she had 28 days to leave the country.

Here's what they did to her: From UK of all places.
Jessica Bussert, who has filed the largest ever claim for sex discrimination against a transsexual, has recently been informed by the British Home Office that she and her spouse must leave England by August 21.
Ms. Bussert has filed an appeal citing UK and EU legislation supporting her position, but the Home Office has yet to reply.
Concurrent to this action, Ms. Bussert has also recently learned that her tribunal hearing has been delayed once again. Originally scheduled for May 22, the hearing was later rescheduled for August 10.

In a recent ruling, the Reading Employment Tribunal has decided to reschedule the hearing to an unspecified date following a request for additional time from the respondent, HDS.

So out she goes. Delay enough, and Problem solved.

But maybe not.
Ms Bussert, whose wife Sharon will also have to leave the country this week, said she would continue to fight her case and would fly back to Britain from Indiana.
Of course that's going to be as difficult for her as fighting any Administrative Appeals Tribunal case from the UK would be for me.

Things like that happen to people like us.

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