Monday, 11 September 2006

Acting on Legal Advice...

You should seek a Ministerial Review ASAP. In your request, you should ask for a full statement of reasons to be included in the decision.

I'd also resist the temptation to debate your case at length over the 'phone with a minor minion. Keep everything in writing and write as if you expected a Judge to read it.

And so I will. And leave a record of what I did, and why I did it, on this Blog.

This isn't a Ministerial Review; it's a first instance 'knock back'by a Ministerial delegate.

You now need to write to the Minister iaw s49 of the Australian Passports Act seeking a review of the Delegate's decision. You should do this immediately as you only have 28 days from the date of being advised of the Delegate's decision.

The passport matter will take some time to resolve.

Yes, it will. Maybe a year, maybe two.

Next stop: Under Section 49 of the Act, a written request to the Minister asking for review. I have 28 days from date of receipt (8th September), but I'll treat that as 28 days from the date it was written (6th September). It should be off within 7 days anyway.

I even managed to get something done today about my PhD too.

4 hours to go, just about. 5 years ago, I was helping change Andrew's nappy in front of the TV, when I saw what happened, as it happened. Not the first plane, but yes, the second.

You know what I thought? I thought that they'd better be careful, what better time to detonate a small nuke just where all the city's fire and rescue services were concentrated, to get maximum effect. I was more than half expecting that.

Things can always be worse. You just have to be prepared as best you can be.

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