Monday, 4 September 2006

Aw Crikey

Swimming over a Stingray. Ah Spit.

I once saw a fairly large ray in the shallows in Pittwater near Sydney. Calm, placid, then a fish nearby startled it, and the tail whipped up and out of the water in a rapid reflex.

I've treated them with great respect every since. They're not the brightest of creatures.

I originally didn't take a shine to Steve Irwin. But when I saw him on a Wiggles movie, with the out-takes, I realised he was the genuine article, fair dinkum on and off camera. The little boy who never grew up. And never took anything too seriously, especially himself.

I'm sure Steve would approve of that one as a memorial.

He'll be missed,

Sympathis to his wife and two small children.

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