Thursday, 14 September 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Just had a phonecall with the Department of Immigration.
Now that my Citizenship Certificate is in accordance with my UK passport, it should be enough to give me permission to enter Australia. But I'm going in to get that confirmed. Stay Tuned. I'm not getting my hopes up.

So off to the local Immigration Office. Well, my concentration on my research remains shot, anyway.

This morning though I attended the September Women in Information & Communication (WIC) "Hot Breakfast". The speaker was Paul Reedy of the AFP (Australian Federal Police - think FBI), talking about Computer Forensics.

I hadn't realised just how close the co-operation has been with Indonesia over the last few years. There's lots of stuff happening that's not being talked about by the Media (nor in detail by anyone, especially not the AFP).

He gave a bit of a sales speech - they're embarressed that only 1 in 15 of the people working in the area are female, and that's because in the last intake, of 135 qualified applicants, only 15 were women. So he's trying to increase the pool of applicants, emphasising travel opportunities and so on.

Pardon me if I think that a little ironic under the circumstances.

I also met a good friend I'd lost contact with some time ago, Sharon. She knew (2nd hand) approximately what had happened to me from a mutual friend. But she was still somewhat surprised by the Reality. She said she wouldn't have recognised me had I not come up to her to say "Hi!".

And I have done some stuff on my PhD - installed an OS, dealt with both licensing and hardware issues. If I haven't let Transition interfere too much with my life, I shouldn't let this do either.

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