Monday, 25 September 2006

T-51 And Counting

From a support site I'm on:
I remember when I had my SRS, one of the other women there was accompanied by her mother -- who was an RN with many years of experience in maternity wards...

That RN observed the procedure, and her daughter's recovery... and made a comment one evening, that SRS was the equivalent of a very hard delivery with bad vaginal tearing, combined with a hysterectomy.

Of course that's a "normal" Sex Reassignment Surgery. The procedure I require is rather more extensive, 5-6 hours in-theatre as opposed to 2-4.

Nonetheless, I can hardly wait. And besides which, it's the after-op care over the next 6 months that's the hard bit.


view_from_ararat said...


Just dropped in to wish you well. I sincerely hope all goes well and the next six months or so are not too difficult for you.

Zei mir gezunt v'Mazel Tov.


Zoe Brain said...

A sheynem dank,