Thursday, 21 September 2006

The Usual Medical Weirdness

At least I'm accustomed to having distinctly non-standard test results now. We have enough data points, and they're consistent enough now, for it to be sure that this is not some glitch, there's a definite syndrome at work.

One that neither my GP (who has helped a considerable number of transitioners) and the Prof (who has helped hundreds, he's a world authority on the subject) have seen before.

My GP was actually more concerned about the extreme stress I'd been under from the passport issues. He'd been in contact with my shrink, and has a network of other contacts in this area. Usually there's no problem, I should have been issued a passport, if only a 12 month one, in a Female gender.

But after going through the situation with him, it was obvious what the problem was. My marriage. That's way above his network's ability to handle, going to the topmost levels.

He was relieved that I'd found a way around it, yet strangely not particularly surprised. I think I stopped surprising him some time ago. Just more of the usual weirdness, medical or otherwise.

My next check-in with him will be in late October, a complete physical to make sure I'm fit for major surgery.

I've been immensely lucky with my medical team. Unusually competent and truly caring, and not afraid to share data in my best interest - and to keep me informed all the while.

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