Friday, 10 November 2006

24 Hours to Go

Before I leave for Thailand that is. Not quite 5 days before an operation that will make a new woman out of me.

Blogging for the next 2 weeks is likely to be sporadic, but I'll see what I can do.


Anonymous said...

Good luck and good health!

Barrie said...

God will be with you, Zoe. Remember that 'He' has no actual gender, He only reveals Himself as such because His creation is gendered [as you obviously are too].
So you actually have insights that most of us can only dream about!
Have a good trip, and make a very good recovery..

beverley said...

Hi Zoe. It's Beverley Stone from across the road from your mum . I have been over there with her for a few hours and she sends her love. I also wish you a speedy recovery. I hope all is going really well. Love Beverley and your mother, vera.