Friday, 17 November 2006

A Dose of Reality

From The Australian :
A Man stabbed a transsexual with shards from a broken vase after discovering her true gender during an intimate encounter, a Melbourne court heard today.

Clinton Dwayne McRae, 28, of Pakenham, today pleaded guilty in the Victorian County Court to intentionally seriously injuring the woman after going to bed with her last January.

McRae met a person he believed to be a woman at a Southbank club. They returned to the 41-year-old woman's city apartment where she stripped to her underwear and they got into bed together, the court heard.

As they started to become intimate she jumped out of the bed and told him she was transsexual, she told the court.
Always tell before things get out of hand - so to speak. Deciding on when and if to tell is a fraught question, get it wrong and...well, if you're lucky you survive. But ethically you have to, before things go too far.
McRae then punched her several times, grabbed her hair and yelled: “You're a f---ing freak ... I'm going to kill you,” she told the court.

“I begged for my life. I got down on my knees and asked for forgiveness,” she said.

She said she grabbed a ceramic vase which McRae took from her. He hit her on the head with it and stabbed her with a broken portion of the vase.

She said she escaped and hid outside her apartment and McRae then left.
In an interview with police, McRae said any “red-blooded male” would have been angry if faced with his situation.
“I am going to need mental counselling after what's happened.”

The woman spent four days in hospital and suffered lacerations to the chest, shoulder and torso, Crown prosecutor Gabriele Cannon told the court.
So let's see, he causes her to beg for her life, causes her to flee in terror from her home, stabbed, bashed, and bleeding, puts her in hospital for four days and he's the victim, who will need trauma councelling?

Poor petal.


Calamity Jane said...

The PC world gone wrong is what it is.

Howevah, now bear in mind I've been out of the dating game for a long time, actually was never really in it, but doesn't it behoove the lady to reveal her history before it gets as far as the bedroom? There aren't that many enlightened, open minded men out there who would be willing to accept her (I don't want to say confession as it connotates doing something wrong but I can't think of another suitable expression, so forgive me) confession and continue with the relationship so surely she was taking an enormous risk ...?

Calamity Jane said...

I'd just like to add in case of any misunderstanding, that I don't in any way condone the man's actions.

Aside from the complicated sexual issues, perceived threats to his masculinity, etc., he displayed a deplorable lack of humanity with his reactions.

Lloyd Flack said...

So "red-blooded male" = "male with feelings of insecurity about his manhood"

Zoe Brain said...

I agree - her timing was awful, but no worse than many other women who go further than they mean to.
It's a fact that people do get a little drunk, do go further than they should... but look at the facts, she still had her underwear on.
I think the guy's reaction would have been the same even if told before. He may have even felt he had a thing to prove to his mates by really hurting her if told in public.
It's probable she's pre-op, but maybe not.
The only thing unusual about this case was that she pressed charges, and wasn't charged herself.

See the Sforza case :
On July 10th, 2006 at 10pm, Christina Sforza, a transgender woman ate with her friends at the McDonald's at 341 5th Ave. After eating, she tried to use the bathroom. The men's bathroom was out of order and all evening men
and women were using the women's bathroom. She asked the person behind the counter which bathroom she should use and was told to use the women's bathroom. The victim is diabetic and entered the bathroom to give herself an insulin injection. While she was in the bathroom, she heard someone
banging on the door yelling that they were going to "kill her." She
waited a moment and then opened the door. An employee in a blue
McDonald's shirt began beating her with a lead pipe and telling her he was going to "kill her." He used anti-gay and homophobic language. He hit her on her arms and in the groin area with the pipe while the rest of the McDonald's staff cheered and chanted, "kill the faggot."

The victim's friend called the police. When they arrived they refused to let her speak and arrested her for assault. During this time, the victim discovered that the man with the pipe was a manager. They left her bag at
McDonald's and it contained all her medication, which she must take four times a day.

After the victim was released from jail, she attempted to file a complaint against the Manager at McDonalds on six separate occasions; July 18th, July 21st, July 23rd, July 26th, August 3rd, and August 7th. On each of
these occasions, her request was denied and she encountered harassment, extremely long wait periods, and was threatened with arrest for "filing a false report."

The determined victim went to the precinct alone, with legal advocates, and with friends. Each time her request was denied. In addition, her attorney, Pooja Gehi, of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project has demanded that
the arresting officer allow her to file a complaint. She supplied
photographic evidence of the victim's injuries as well as eyewitness testimony from people who were at the incident. This too, was denied.
The officer informed Ms. Gehi that the "case was closed." The Victim filed a Complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) about the police. But this is unlikely to help her in any way. Ms. Gehi states,
"This incident was illegal on multiple levels; my client was assaulted, discriminated against, denied her medication, falsely arrested, and denied her basic right to file a complaint against her assailant."

Now, the victim of a brutal, public assault faces criminal consequences because of a false arrest and a transphobic perpetrator.

Update : The Judge, after reviewing the photographic and other evidence dismissed all charges against Ms Sforza, and has ordered an internal investigation. Ms Sforza has also been allowed to press charges for assault.

Things are getting better, slowly.

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