Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Mooching Elephants

I'm sure it was just coincidence that this elephant (and companions) decided that the sidewalk restaurant we were dining at was good for some free food. OK, not true, even the elephants know a soft touch when they see one.

Falang Picture-takers were encouraged to pay 20 Baht (about 50c US) for a bag of food. The Elephant would tuck in, and ignore camera flashes and other distractions, and everyone, especially the elephant, would be happy.

Meanwhile, I'm checked in to the Aikchol Hospital here in Chonburi, high speed Internet just connected so I can post this, and I'll be under the knife in just over 18 hours time. Still to come, the check-up with the anaesthetist, and some cleaning-out of the digestive tract in about 8 hours.

Now that most of the events that could have prevented or delayed the op are over, I'm starting to let myself feel how important this is to me. Having a body I'm not ashamed of will be a new experience for me, you see. Like patting an elephant.

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