Monday 11 December 2006

All Good Things

Another good day, 8 inches dilation with the medium stent, and 7.5 with the large. It's getting noticeably more difficult, but I'm already a quarter of the way through the critical period where depth can so easily be lost.
But there's one thing about my journey to Thailand that I didn't expect, and I wasn't prepared for. You see, a group of us in the support forum coincidentally had surgery at about the same time with then same surgeon. So we got to meet in 3D, usually after pouring out our hearts to one another, halving sorrows and doubling joys by sharing them.
An soon it will be time to say goodbye. Goodbye to close girlfriends from Michigan, or Alberta, or Mississippi, or Victoria. Goodbye to people who share a bond only combat veterans can approach in strength. Goodbye to the closest friends I've ever had in my life, especially one, Mardie. You know how some people just click? We did. I knew we'd be close from the postings we'd made on BL, but not that we'd become best friends just like that.

And now she'll be half a world away. leaving in a few days. I myself have only got 10 days before departure, the time has raced past.

Now I'll be picking up a few gifts, typical Thai pieces to give to friends and family. Like the 3D portrait in glass for my Mother - she has few pictures of the new me. Might even get some silver or gold jewelry, just earrings or bangles, as I have sensitive skin.

I'llbe glad to see my family, and especially my little boy, before Christmas. But I'll be sad to leave here, everyone is so nice!

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