Friday 15 December 2006

Going Home

This time next week, I'll be fast asleep in my own bed, with my own son nearby, and the woman who is still my soulmate and best friend nearby too.

It means I'll miss the Dr Suporn Clinic Christmas Party - which I'm told is legendary! But I'll have Christmas with my Family, and get to see my son open his Christmas Presents.

Now you may wonder why Christmas is celebrated in Thailand, a Buddhist country, in the main. Well the Thais are no fools. Chinese New Year? Good Excuse for a Holiday! Water-splashing day? Good Excuse for a Holiday! The King's Birthday of course is a Holiday, with Fireworks added. Christmas? Good excuse for a holiday, and also for dressing up in silly Santa Hats and playing christmas carols. Also, you get to give gifts to Children! Eid, the end of Ramadan, is of course celebrated too.

I've already got my Christmas present of course.

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