Thursday 7 December 2006


Today was a big day. My first gynecological examination, and also permission to start using the largest of the 4 dilators we were supplied with. 34mm diameter.

I'm told by those who know that there are few, very few, men who would find an 8 inch depth and 34mm in diameter too small.

And here am I, doing Kugel exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, having seen the best surgeon in the world for functional female genitalia.... and I don't have a sexual orientation. Yet, anyway. No interest in men, and never have had.

Is it my natural "keeping options open", or is my subconscious trying to tell me that now I have a female body, it's not just allowed to take a romantic interest in guys, but Society rather expects it.

Chastity still looks good though.

Anyway, to celebrate our Graduation, after the first dilation with the new stent, Mardie (a friend of mine from Michigan) and I went out in search of sate.

Alas, we were too late: the sate vendors had shut up shop. But what we did do was spend 300 baht feeding a passing elephant, and then another 100 baht feeding ourselves on brazier-grilled chicken, rice, and chlli sauce.
So for 200 baht each - call it $8 Australian - we didn't just have a delicious meal (with a bottle of coke each) but memories of elephants that will last a Lifetime.

I'm healing well, a dream over a third of a century old has come true, I had superb company, and life just keeps on gettung better


Calamity Jane said...

I haven't sampled many ummm, natural dilators but I believe 8" is pushing things a little far ... errr pun not intended. Keeping options open is a good thing, never say never.

Genuine Thai food, elephants within easy reach, feeling comfortable in your own skin, a whole new dimension to explore ... sounds like Heaven.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean ``Kegel'' exercises. Kugeln are those neat little coffeecake-type pastries you get in German and Jewish bakeries ;)