Wednesday 31 January 2007

A Load of Hot Air

Or rather Helium. But no laughing matter, this incident will be added to the long list of Islamic grievances against the Jews. People will die as the result.

From SANA, the Syrian Arab News Agency :

Four Israeli poisoned balloons found in South Lebanon
Tuesday, January 30, 2007 - 09:20 PM

Beirut, (SANA)-Citizens in some regions of south Lebanon on Thursday found four poisoned Israeli- made balloons.

"The balloons are of Israeli origin with multi colors… and the phrase / Happy Year / was written on one of them… the balloons triggered an atmosphere of fear and tense among the families," Lebanese National News Agency reported.

The four balloons were found near the official school of the border town of Marcaba.

Last week a number of Lebanese people were hurt by suffocation and poison cases as a result of exposing themselves to those balloons.

From the Associated Press :
A Lebanese municipality official holds an orange balloon in the shape of plastic bag as he walks with two policemen on the shore in the southern port city of Tyre, Lebanon Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007. Mysterious balloons drifting in from Israel to Lebanon are unnerving people, with some south Lebanon villagers reportedly feeling ill and authorities warning residents against touching them. (AP Photo)
From the Associated Press and Hezbollah Media Office (difficult telling the two apart sometimes) :
In this photo released by the Hezbollah's media office, green balloons with Hebrew writings were found in the southern market town of Nabatiyeh, Lebanon Sunday, Jan. 28, 2007. Mysterious balloons drifting in from Israel to Lebanon are unnerving people, with some south Lebanon villagers reportedly feeling ill and authorities warning residents against touching them. Hebrew on the balloons reads 'Ha-Ir' which is the title of a Tel Aviv weekly magazine. (AP Photo/Hezbollah Media Office, HO)
From the AP again :
A Lebanese municipality worker places a balloon with Hebrew writing, on the shore in the southern port city of Tyre, Lebanon, Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007. Mysterious balloons drifting in from Israel to Lebanon are unnerving people, with some south Lebanon villagers reportedly feeling ill and authorities warning residents against touching them. Hebrew on red balloon reads ' For Silvi, from all my heart.' (AP Photo)

So the bext time some "Anti-Zionist" (oh no, not "ant-semitic") protest talks about how the dastardly Joos are sending poison gas to kill innocent Arab Children, you know where the story comes from, and the depths of irrationality and Jew-hatred involved. Think I'm exaggerating?

From Al

Israel dumps suspicious green balloons on Lebanon
1/28/2007 9:00:00 AM GMT

Media reports and security sources revealed on Sunday that Israeli planes dumped 10 suspicious green balloons over the southern Lebanese port city of Tyre on Saturday.

Sources also said that at least eight people, who attempted to touch the “suspicious green balloons,” are suffering from nausea and dizziness and were taken to the hospital.

The coast of Tyre had been sealed off to prevent people from touching the 'suspicious balloons', believed so far to be poisonous.

The Lebanese National News Agency reported that among those who were rushed to hospital were a Lebanese staff sergeant, a recruit and An Nahar reporter Rana Jouni.

Officials at a hospital in Nabatiyeh confirmed that similar green balloons were dropped over the market-town of Nabatiyeh, 54 kilometres south of the capital.

This is not the first time Israel violates Lebanese airspace since the ceasefire that followed its summer war in the country against Hezbollah fighters.

The Israeli army violates the Lebanese airspace on a daily basis since the end of the 34 day war, during which it’s believed to have dropped over 1 million cluster bombs most of which during the last 3 days of the conflict.

This behaviour is now defined as Terrorism. From the Lebanese Daily Star :
Spooked Beirutis fear new 'balloon-borne' Israeli plot
Hysteria reaches capital after weekend panic in south
By Rym Ghazal
Daily Star staff
Tuesday, January 30, 2007

BEIRUT: Renewed panic spread among some Lebanese Monday, as a black balloon with a spider drawn on it landed in the heart of a Beirut neighborhood, a day after Israeli balloons landed in South Lebanon. "It is a terrorist act against our peace of mind," Khaled Qamaryeh, owner of a store in the neighborhood of Salim Salaam, told The Daily Star.

His shop is located just a few meters away from where the balloon landed.

The panic over balloons began over the weekend, when several fluorescent green and orange balloons branded with the Hebrew word Ha'ir (The City) drifted into the South from Israel. Five civilians were allegedly hospitalized with nausea, breathing difficulties and dizziness after coming into contact with the balloons, but tests have thus far turned up no toxic subtances and an Israeli newspaper said they were part of an advertising campaign.

"I didn't go near it as I was worried it may be filled with poison," Qamaryeh said of the balloon found in his neighborhood. "I don't trust the Israelis."

Around 9:30 a.m. on Monday, a handful of residents discovered what they called "an unidentified balloon," near one of the roasteries in the area and immediately called in the Internal Security Forces and the army to investigate its contents.

"The balloon in Salim Salaam did not contain poison or dangerous substance," the head of Internal Security Forces, Ashraf Rifi, told The Daily Star.

Police and forensic experts were sent to the site and quarantined the area as they tested the balloon for dangerous gases or other substances.

"We don't know where the balloon came from, but it is different in color and style from the earlier balloons discovered in the South," said Rifi.

While there is no evidence of poison, Rifi said there is a question over the "timing."

"Israeli balloons never used to drift over to Lebanon, so why now?" he asked. "I believe it is an intentional act by Israel to cause further panic in a country already on edge," he added.

Resigned Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh slammed Israel Sunday for what he called, "a creative" new way of violating Resolution 1701, and called on the UN to put a stop to it.

"It wasn't enough that they violate our skies daily with their drones and warplanes, now they sending over their balloons to terrorize the Lebanese people," he said.

Residents interviewed in Salim Salaam by The Daily Star are now suspicious of balloons, with many still believing the one that was placed in their neighborhood to be "poisonous."

"Israel is capable of anything, and whether or not there are actual toxins, they are always waging a psychological war against the Lebanese," said Mohammad Sharqawi.

Sharqawi also believed that the officials "would lie" to keep the people from panicking.

"Israelis have a history of targeting the civilians, and so why not now through balloons?" he asked.

Preliminary tests run by Italian troops in the UNIFIL and by experts in the Lebanese Army tests showed "no evidence" of dangerous substances in the balloons.

"There is a sort of panic now in the country from any balloons," the army source told The Daily Star.

"Now every time a child has a birthday party and some balloons are released," the source added, "we get a call or two of panic from nearby residents."

A white balloon was found in the southern town of Jouwaiyya near Tyre, with the words "you are the first," written in English.

The source said more comprehensive tests on the Israeli balloons will continue for the next two days to check "for chemicals and minerals" that the balloons may be carrying or are made of.

Israeli daily Haaretz said the balloons were part of a promotional campaign for a Tel Aviv based newspaper.
According to many in the Ultra-Left, this is terrorism. This, on the other hand, is merely the desirable result of a legitimate act of resistance against the terrorists.
Israeli religious Zaka rescue collect body parts at the scene of a suicide bombing that killed three people in the southern city of Eilat, Israel, Monday. Jan. 29, 2007. A Palestinian suicide bomber attacked a bakery in this southern Israeli resort town on Monday, killing himself and three people, police said. It was the first suicide bombing in Israel in nine months and the first ever to hit Eilat, Israel's southernmost city. The writing on the sign say in Hebrew city of Eilat. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

And the stories are already starting to bear their bitter fruit. From the comments at Al Jazeera:
There is no depth that israeli's will not stoop to. In this world of humanity they are by far the most vicious "animals" of all races. There wil be no tears shed around the world when israel finds Iranian missiles raining down on it.
This will not be the first or last time Isreal uses chemical warfare on muslims. With America backing all actions of Isreal and UN endorsing that as legal, Isreal has a free hand to test all its chemical nal on Muslims and muslim lands. When is the American people going to wake up and see in reality that they are associates of this genocide, sytemetic annihilation of millions of people just because they need the land to expand. American people term muslims as terrorists. What do you call this??
Israel will get whats coming soon. they are nothing but unlawful murderess of human being. They keep complianing about how much they suffer in the holocaust but thats nothing now because thats the same thing they are doing. HYPOCRITES.
ven the zyynstt readers that come here every day know them selves that there breed became more fowwl then saytin him self. its time the world gathered to put isrrl to sleep once and for all.
These incidents generally go unnoticed since most of the news media are run and controlled by the jews on this planet. So, obviously, most people will not read about it. Those people have it all figured out: bombard the planet with holocaust propaganda to attract never-ending sympathy; brainwash elementary school pupils and fill television viewers with vile images of bad, bad arabs in general. Remember, they also own and run the cinema business in Holywood. So folks, I wonder what's in store for the next generations.
couldn't understand why people from allegedly civilized countries like Rogue States of Occupied America and United Kingdom of Occupied Britain, and other European countries also colonized and re-colonized again would support and even condone the use of biochem weapons in a race war, but I think I do now. These posts mostly come from either people safe at home whose country has troops or mercenaries (essential for illegal ethnic cleansing ops) in one of the countries currently suffering. Otherwise they can only be posted by soldier or mercenaries using their precious internet usage to post on Al- instead of contacting their families or friends who no longer respond... Just a hypothesis, but only soldiers, mercenaries, or corporate profiteers seem to condone such activities. I say look into your hearts and ask whether it is alright to use the techniques of the Nazis against Arabs/Muslims/Persians. Civilization Clash? The Insurgency? Al-Qaeda? Conspiracy Theories or PR lies.
They are looking for another 'CROSS BORDER ATTACK' which will no doubt come with another defeat to israel. These cowards find it out VERY difficult to confront Hezbollah face to face and they are thirsty for blood that is why they are through this systematic way. Just live them, Hezbollah is watching and waiting for the time to retaliate just as it happened last time. Hezbollah is equal to the task.
we cannot expect israel to observe the internationally accepted rules against the use of banned war materiel coz of its close ties with the united states of america whose jewish forefather-leader backers could not simply say no their brethren. no jewish funds,no america's wall street investments!
Who is Israel after, the children who will see a balloon and want to catch it, and then be harmed by the posin? Does this country's government have no ethical or moral standards? I am from America and so ashamed that our government here condons this childish behavior and does not tell its politcal country in the Middle East, that enough is enough.
I believe that Erz and Georgecheneytony Regime are the danger to this world. They wil use other uren wepons and many new wmd to desotroy nations and peeple all over the world. Pregnant women babes, babies, children, women, elders and adults have already and more wil be slughtered by these wepons. To bring justice and free this world of these mruderous warmongulars, we must make examples of them and they must be impeach and sent to the world court now for thier cr1mes agaisnt humanity.
Was anyone surprised with Israel's actions? I was not. Israel's actions only affirms what I have been writing all along:Israel is a fundamental extremist Jewish terrorist state...
I am tired of Israeli/Zionist lies. A country concieved because of lies, it continues to abuse its neighbours and get away with it. Doing what they have done in Lebanon this last weekend is an act of war.
The Erz Gov are liars and slughter mruderers. They shot a ten yr old Palistian girl in the back of her haed the other day. They even have child slave labor camps where they rype youths. They have used cluster, nepelm and thousand lbs uren waste bombs to kil Pals and Lebanon babies, children, women, elders and adults.
Balloons from parties do NOT cause medical conditions, vomiting and other symptoms, do they? These balloon were full of Jewish terrorist gas filled by fundamental Jewsish extremist terrorists from Austria, Lithuania, Latvia occupying parts of the ME since 1948.
The voice of sanity is akmost drowned out by the Judenhass. Almost, but not quite:
An Israeli newspaper released green balloons during a promotional event on Saturday in the North. Some of the balloons were carried by the wind across the border to southern Lebanon. Residents of the towns of Tyre and Nabatiyeh notified the Lebanese army of the strange balloons, and were warned not to touch them. The balloons were gathered into a cluster and destroyed in a controlled explosion. Lebanese official media reported that the balloons were poisoned, and were part of an Israeli attack. Residents claimed that the balloons were dropped from IDF aircraft. Those wacky date farmers are what gave “retarded” a bad name
So be on the lookout for any organisations or demonstrators who protest the "use of chemical weapons by the Zionist Entity". For they are dangerous Loonies, indistinguishable from Nazis.

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