Thursday 18 January 2007

Out of the Shadows

Not every child who is confused about their gender is Transsexual. But whether TS, Gay, or just "going through a phase", they have rights to Love and respect.

Quite simply the best movie on the subject I've ever seen. And while Gender is a bimodal distribution rather than a spectrum as such, the latter term is a pardonable simplification in this context.

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Anonymous said...

"...Gender is a bimodal distribution rather than a spectrum as such..."

Hi Zoe - do you have a reference with more detail on this (this post helped, but more info would be great!)?

I've been working from the view that understanding a given individual in a holistic way requires recognizing "innate" gender (internal "wiring"), physical gender (appearance) and sexuality (preference), which actually comprise a (possibly trivariate?) multimodal distribution, where each of these three factors resides on its own "spectrum" (axis) and where the distribution on each may be bimodal.

FWIW, I'm becoming convinced that this complexity is one of the factors that stymies scientific research which might, ultimately, result in publications that would tend to normalize societal attitudes toward intersexed, transgendered and transsexual individuals.