Monday 5 February 2007

Hasta la Vista, Baby

Cheerfully stolen borrowed from A General Theory of Rubbish


Shaz said...

It's so anoying when that happens, trust me, it happens to me a lot! I only went out to buy groceries & came back with a laptop, printer/scanner/photocopier thingy after being bamboozled by science & sales

David J said...

Some of your more ideological readers will get a shock if they head over to the General Theory...

When do we get to see Tintin from Hillsboro?

(Not Suitable for Work, or in fact civilised company. Funny, tho.)

Will said...

Don't worry idelogical readers -- I only bite when poked with a big stick.

Mr David J is wrong about Tintin tho'. Tintin is from Middlesborough.

Get them all here


Zoe Brain said...

Ideological Readers? Apart from being in the main Eustonites, the Ideology of my readers defies simple categorisation. I don't think there's anything on General Theory that would give anyone the vapours.

Yes, I'm a NeoCon and a RWDB. But I have a lot more in common with, say, Hak Mao or Norm Geras than I do with many on the Right. They in turn have more in common with such enfants terrible as Mark Steyn and Tim Blair, compared to Michael Moore or the Unspeakable George Galloway. Or even Red Ken Livingstone.

Seriously, all polit bloggers should include on their blog rolls sane, honest people who they disagree with, even on fundamentals. One's own political beliefs should always be subject to periodic testing.

It's no secret that personal experience has caused me to be a bit more left than I used to be. But that also means I have more right to criticise the hypocrisy, the backbiting, factionalism and narcissism, and even objective pro-fascism I see on parts of the left.

I agree though with many on the Ultra Left that the Euston Manifesto is a NeoCon document. They seem to think that's a bad thing of course.

Yes it has some things in which I disagree with. The point is, I can live with them, and who knows, they may even be more correct than my own ideas.